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Image Credit: Paulo Zen Shifu, Emptiness, 2013

December 4, 2014 – January 18, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 11, 7 – 9 PM

The Word in Art 書法自然
North America Contemporary Arts and Calligraphy Association

Chinese scripts have been used to denote objects and meaning for thousands of years. As early as the Han Dynasty it was believed Calligraphy represented the quintessence of human nature, the pictures of the heart. Experts believe that calligraphy and painting share the same unique origin. Organized by iconic artist Paulo Zen Shifu, The Word in Art 書法自然 offers the chance to discover the beauty of Chinese culture and provides insight into the only pictographic script in use today. This exhibition features artwork from five contemporary Chinese calligraphers.

書法被譽為「國粹」。漢代就有「書為心畫」之稱;行家更有「書畫同源」、「書如其人」之說。「人法地、法天、法道、法自然」故,書乃法自然之道!由 Iconographic Artist ZEN SHIFU石甫策劃的「the Word in Art 書法自然」展,將帶我們觀賞,他融書法于西方視覺語言之意象境界,和其師友(國內書壇代表性專家)的看家本領。這是一場不容錯過的「藝道雙楫」盛會。

Participating Artists Include: Paulo Zen Shifu 石甫, Chun Song Zheng 郑春松, He Liang Chen 陈鹤良, Zhen Yu Fu 傅振羽, Jie You 尤婕

About the North America Contemporary Arts and Calligraphy Association:
The North America Contemporary Arts and Calligraphy Association is comprised of calligraphers in North America, and represents the highest level of art in calligraphy in the world. To promote Chinese calligraphy art world wide, the Association actively carries out international exchange activities and conducts international exhibits.