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現任加拿大中國藝術聯盟主席、中國文化藝術研究所所長、書道研究會會長、加拿大油畫學會藝術顧問、加拿大財經一號電視台 藝術總監。


JenZ Shifu 
Iconographic Artist / Curator

Shifu is a Chinese-Canadian iconographic artist who garners Chinese calligraphy, ink art, painting, and micro-engraving under a single belt.


During the “Artistic Wave of the mid-80's" in China, Shifu had already entered the art scene before he was granted a Member of the prestigious Calligraphy Association of China for his calligraphy artwork in 1993. That was the same year Shifu immigrated to Canada. His calligraphy pieces were subsequently published by the highest caliber art-publishing house in China, Rongbao Zhai, and were collected by art galleries in China as well as around the world.


Shifu’s gift for micro-engraving is truly God-sent: it involves an amazing self-taught skill where micro Chinese characters are intuitively engraved onto as small and narrow a surface as a piece of human hair, without the aid of any magnifying instrument. He has miraculously engraved as many as 5000 words in one sitting onto a small piece of Shoushan seal stone. Many critics in the field call Shifu a “Divine Sculptor with the Magic Hand”.


During his residence in Canada, Shifu has pioneered a distinctive non-representational art form called “iconography" Yixiang Hua, in which minimal colour tones and succinct compositions are the essential guiding principles. He has pioneered  art form called “Iconography”, Yìxiàng Huà, where he marries tradition and innovation of the East and the West, profiting from his mastery of Chinese calligraphy and the miraculous skill of micro-engraving. It uses three primary colours and variations of black and white tone from Chinese ink as his constructing palette, taking inspirations from the ancient Majiayao coloured-pottery motifs, totem designs, as well as stained- glassworks and so on to form the totality of his aesthetic language. His iconographic work, often in the form of collages, embraces and blends the Chinese Tao of Yin Yang with the Word of Cosmic Oneness found in the origin of Western thought. In short, Shifu’s artistic creations dwell heavily in aesthetics, philosophy and theology; as such, they are as much the travail of a philosopher as that of a painter.


His artworks have been widely showcased and collected by prestigious art galleries, museums and academic institutions, such as the Calligraphy Museum of China. They have been presented on the world stage, in metropolitans such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, Florence, Milan and Rome. They are also treasured by distinguished private collectors worldwide, and special-featured by auction houses such as Ritchies. Shifu’s artbook The Word in Art,  a collection of meditational calligraphy on sutras in the manner of a scribe, is catalogued by the East Asian Library of the University of Toronto as well as the Mississauga Central Library.


Shifu is the President of Canada Contemporary Art Alliance as well as the President of the Institute of Chinese Culture. He is also the Artistic Director of Gallery M2 in Toronto, and Art Consultant for the Oil Painting Academy of Canada. Shifu was the recipient of the Most Outstanding Artist of 2015, hosted by Fairchild TV Canada.

Shifu is also the Artistic Director for the Canadian Mandarin Economics Television station.